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variety pak – the dregs

July 2, 2018

Over 100F today, blazing sun, no wind at all. Sweating like crazy fixing a POS boat in the heat like a fool, that i’ll probably sail maybe once this season. However, marvelous swimming later, in a cool shady inland spot. Much gratitude to whoever made the finger lakes landscape.

Again tired/lazy, so the following both come via NC.

Also, violating official blog policy (no more music on this blog), here’s a music clip that’s too cute for the real tunes blog:

Turns out love interest is into her “ex” girlfriend after all. Interest in music turns right back on. Amazing.

Further violating policy (no classical music) — I mean if you’re educated enough in music to hate jazz, a poorly kept secret among your friends who went to music school — several pieces by Camille Saint-Saëns also came my way. Thru blog, radio, and bad memory trying to remember the one from the radio. Specifically, symphony 3, and piano concerto 4, and piano concerto 3. Exercise for reader. [UPDATE – add the Cello Concerto no1 to the list, most recently popped up driving into nyc]



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