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NY State primary election follow-up

June 28, 2018

In my local Democratic congressional primary, NY-23 (Southern Tier), it’s too close to call, and we await the arrival of absentee ballots by mail.

Della-Pia, the “conservative-democrat” candidate is ahead of a “mostly-standard-Democrat” Mitrano, by 26 votes per initial results.

Mitrano’s website says she supports single payer, so that’s something definitely worth getting behind.  Della-Pia, from what I can tell, ran the primary campaign first and foremost on his military experience, and the presumed cross-over appeal (“electability”) this would have with the “red-state” constituency which has a majority in our our district.

FWIW, about 1% of the population voted for each of the 2 leading candidates. Turnout was about 22000 in a district with 700,000 people and 125000 registered Dem’s. I can’t say enough – primary elections matter, and your vote will count far more than in the general election.

Elsewhere in the state, and making national news, progressive Ocasio-Cortez defeated leading Democrat Crowley in NY-14 (parts of Bronx/Queens). Per NakedCapitalism, NY-24 and NY-2 also got a progressive candidate winning a Dem primary.


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