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Election 2020 (VII)

November 7, 2020

Ok, finally “the call” has been made by the various media organizations, and we have some hope of a less farcial political reality. Time to take stock of the situation.

We just elected the most conservative Democrat nominee I can think of since… too long a time to contemplate. Checkered history on EVERY issue that defines the Democratic party. Look for a lot of reaching across the aisle.

Previous Dem presidents, like Bill Clinton, would at least hand out consolation prizes, like pro-choice and affirmative action, and environment — while giving away everything of monetary value, deregulating media, finance, telecom, energy, fiscal austerity (“balanced budget”), outsourcing, offshoring, and dismantling of union power even though it elected him. What consolation prizes will be offered by Biden? Not being a racist clown. That’s great.

But wait a minute… Something is wrong here. To barely win the electoral vote, while running against an clown, against a manifestly incompetent administration, and with the benefit of the being able to blame the incumbent for a double disaster of botched pandemic response and economic collapse? Something doesn’t add up.

Meanwhile, stuff like $15 minimum wage passes in FL, having a majority with the same voters who say they would rather die than support “socialism”. Gay marriage passes by such an overwhelming majority in NV, plenty of Trump voters had to have voted for it. Legal pot passes in every state it is on the ballot. Democratic House members who support “toxic” issues like M4A get re-elected in swing districts that gave a slim majority to Trump.

In short, there is a disconnect.

To make it real simple: Republicans continue to get a pass on all kinds of obnoxious positions, primarily by preaching the issue of protectionism.

Insincerely, to be sure… but compared to which other party? Democrats are moving away from any alternative to protectionism, when it comes to material issues for lower-middle income voters. We’re talking about: minimum wage, medicare for all, deregulation, taxation (i.e. wealth distribution). Take all these off the table, and protectionism wins – by default.

Since Biden isn’t about to change this, nor will Harris (she is associated with shooting down California gig workers’ rights, in the ballot initiative that would have forced Uber/Lyft to treat drivers like employees)…. nor the US Senate, which is divided… We will be having this same discussion again in 3-4 years time.

Until then, stay safe & healthy.


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