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musical interlude LXXXIII

musical interlude LXXXII

US policy may get uppity vs Israel ? [ Anne-Marie Slaughter / proj-syn ]

Hmm, I wasn’t expecting this. This may signal a new phase of foreign relations. If so, Sit back, grab the popcorn, and prepare to enjoy an unprecedented display of hypocrisy on both sides!

Policy Intellectuals, Rationalizing Lunacy [Andrew Bacevich / Tomgram]

Article from March 8th, examining the value of the thinkers feeding ideas to Washington:

[via the FM website]

musical interlude LXXXI

truthiness / time travel to 2005 / jaded / critique of US policy


This is via a comment from a ClubOrlov article [written by a guest author there], which brings up some interesting issues, though I don’t agree 100% with some of the undertones but thats actually not the most important thing…  when I read the speech in the link, it was just…. damn! makes you realize how jaded we’ve become.


So you walk into a car dealership and test drive a Toyota. Have a nice conversation with a nice gentleman. The entire next week, YouTube shows you the same crappy Jeep Grand Cherokee ad you wish you hadn’t even seen once. Which of the following is the appropriate person to strangle?

(A) nearest Google/Youtube employee

(B) nearest Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep advertising person

(C) nearest employee of Verizon Wireless, who probably tracked your phone to the car dealer’s wifi and/or gps location, since you have better things to do in your life than maintain full-on electronic device paranoia.

(D) whatever credit check service they may have run you through while they were “photocopying your license”

(E) your car dealer, who, incidentally, has a monopoly in your town and isn’t afraid of reminding you… “So you want to shop around? That’s what everybody says! But Where else are you going to go? Har Har Har!”

(F) yourself, for being stupid enough to go there


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