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Rewiring the Democratic Brain [SF Magazine]

Another article about Berkeley cognitive linguist George Lakoff’s push to invest in the Democratic party’s mass-marketing game. The ideas presented may well improve electoral results. But it would elect a lobotomized version of the D party – completing the reduction of its policy platforms to back-of-a-postcard / soundbyte / twitter versions of what it could (should) be. Some relevant points nonetheless.



When a Nuclear War Planner, Daniel Ellsberg, Confesses [David Swanson / Dandelion Salad]

Turns out the man behind the Pentagon Papers had a whole other distinguished career. This is ultimately a promo for his book, which sounds very interesting.



new blog, just for tunes etc

Dear Readers!

I’m separating out the musical interludes from the political stuff. That way I don’t have to torture anyone with content they’re not interested in. The new blog is here:

Yours Truly

4k intro medley

These are all the output of programs in the “4k” weight class. (including the typically primitive audio. 4kb is equivalent to ~2 pages of printed text w/o compression).


EU Parliament condemns Saudi war in Yemen [ME Eye]

The European parliament called for an arms embargo to prevent atrocities by Saudi Arabia vs Yemen. However it does not have the authority to actually do such a thing.


A similar resolution was passed (with similarly little effect) in 2016. Still it’s nice to have some token voices of conscience out there.

musical interlude CCL

Love in the time of robots

Interesting read

Idler on a hammock

It is summer 2002, mid-morning in a university research lab on the edge of Osaka, Japan. Two girls—both dressed in pale yellow, with child-puffy cheeks, black shoulder-length hair, and bangs—stand opposite each other under fluorescent lights. More precisely: One is a girl, 5 years old; the other is her copy, her android replica. They are the same size, one modeled on the other, and they are meeting for the first time. ¶ The girl stares hard into the eyes of her counterpart; its expression is stern and stiff. It seems to return her gaze. ¶ A man is videotaping the pair—he is the father of one, creator of the other—and from off-camera he asks, “Would you like to say something?” ¶ The girl turns to him, disoriented. She turns back to the android. ¶ “Talk to her!” he says. “Hello.” ¶ The girl repeats the word, quietly, to her robot-self…

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