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musical interlude CCXLVIII


movie – Loving Vincent

Recommendation: Check out the recent Vincent Van Gogh themed film, Loving Vincent. I was lucky enough to catch it without having seen the trailer. It’s probably still playing in your local indie/arthouse cinema.

The film is animated, or rather, painted in oil, in Van Gogh’s style. It’s a biographically inspired story taking place shortly after his death where the main character, who does not know or care much for the artist, goes on this journey, and through a series of conversations ends up painting a picture (…err… sorry… ) of Van Gogh’s life, or at least a brief phase of it during which he painted many famous works.

Besides being a cool concept, and full of visual detail, I thought it was a good piece of storytelling as well.


musical interlude CCXLVII

Neoliberalism misquotes economics, subpar results [Dani Rodrik / Guardian]

link: [via NC]

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A Year after Trump’s Election… [Matt Taibbi / Rolling Stone]

It wouldn’t have seemed possible a decade ago, but behaviorally, culturally, Donald Trump has turned Democrats into Republicans.



musical interlude CCXLV

Continuing to slow it down for a bit…  Here are a couple of versions of Fly Me To The Moon.

bonus 1: Ukulele tutorial, and actually a great lil cut in its own right!

bonus 2: Jason Mraz silly version. Doin a pretty sharp imitation of a jazz vocalist.