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Hillary is the Candidate of the War Machine [Jeffrey Sachs / Huffpo]

In case you’re comparing Bernie vs Hillary on the subject of US foreign policy:

Columbia University’s Jeffrey Sachs writes an article reviewing Senator/Secretary-of-State Clinton’s record of support for the entire portfolio of US foreign policy adventurism since she was elected to the Senate in 2000. Jeffrey Sachs thinks Clinton as president would take us further down this road, which has already caused so much trouble so far this century.

Article contains some fun facts you can use to alienate your Hillary supporting friends :-).


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Why so few realists? [Stephen Walt / Foreign Policy]

Here is a quick article on the under-representation of “realism” among the core of mainstream US foreign policy editorializing. [] [via PV@Glance].


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Boston Newspapers and undocumented workers [Aviva Chomsky / UNZ]

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On Progressive Democrats: Sanders v. Clinton

Richard Falk eloquently articulates his views on “liberal” vs “progressive”, which I also share. Though I am perfectly fine with the word “socialist”.

Global Justice in the 21st Century


In past years, I tried to distance myself from ‘liberals’ by describing myself as ‘progressive.’ It was admittedly a middle ground between being a liberal, which I associated with being a comforter of the established order while opting for humane policies at the margins, and being a ‘radical’ or ‘leftist,’ which struck me as terms of self-exile outside domains of relevant discourse. My basic objection to liberals and their agenda was that they swallowed ‘the system’ whole while excusing themselves by claiming the mantle of realism and moral concern. In my view, American structures of militarism and capitalism needed to be transformed in socialist directions if humanity was to have a positive future, and this is what the liberals I knew didn’t want to hear about, believing that such structural criticisms would hand the government over to Republicans by alienating the mainstream and thus be a prescription for the…

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NC on Clinton taking a hit in Iowa


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