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musical interlude CXXXV


Thankful for my family and friends.

Thankful that I get to live in what for me is a nice place, with the exception of having to witness the way our society treats those who are considered second and third class.

As far as this blog goes, hoping this land remains a nice place, not just for me but for everyone. Hoping we, as a society, recognize that this is a nation of immigrants, who were not originally from here. Hoping we aren’t so ignorant as to turn our backs on others. Hoping that we, as a society, recognize that this is a nation founded in large part to fill the need for religious freedom and tolerance. Hoping that we also recognize that the forces of paranoia, intolerance, and jingoism are not to our benefit, and that these forces remain in check for many years more.

Ok, rant off. Happy Thanksgiving!

musical interlude CXXXIV

Glenn Greenwald on Snowden/CIA, Paris, ISIS

After a former CIA chief accuses Ed Snowden of “blood on his hands” in the Paris attacks, journalist Glenn Greenwald responds, and also pretty much sums up my views on this too. Playlist below has both parts 1 and 2 of the interview:

[Democracy Now, via Rise Up Times]

musical interlude CXXXIII

Columbia U. paper analyzing TPP

From a paper entitled: The TPP’s Investment Chapter: Entrenching, rather than reforming, a flawed system

Their conclusion:

Overall, the US claims to have made a number of improvements to the ISDS system and investment protection standards included in the TPP. While reforms would of course be welcome, the changes that have been made to the TPP do not address the underlying fundamental concerns about ISDS and strong investment protections; in some cases, the changes represent just small tweaks around the margins, while in other cases, the provisions represent a step backwards. At their core, ISDS and investor protections in treaties establish a privileged and powerful mechanism for foreign investors to bring claims against governments that fundamentally affect how domestic law is developed, interpreted and applied, and sideline the roles of domestic individuals and institutions in shaping and applying public norms. For this reason, the TPP should drop ISDS altogether, or replace it with a new and truly reformed mechanism that addresses the myriad concerns that are still lurking in the TPP.


link to intro page:

link to full paper:

USAF whistleblowers: Droning innocents fuels Terror

Very important.

if link goes dead, look up Democracy Now, episode for Friday 20th November 2015

[via Stop Making Sense]


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