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Bernie Sanders easily wins the policy debate [Jeffrey Sachs / WAPO]

It’s been decades since the United States had a progressive economic strategy, and mainstream economists have forgotten what one can deliver. In fact, Sanders’s recipes are supported by overwhelming evidence — notably from countries that already follow the policies he advocates. On health care, growth and income inequality, Sanders wins the policy debate hands down.


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Noam Chomsky and Joel Bakan on the Psychopathic Propaganda Machines That We Call Corporations


People need to become savvier about the systems we’re creating, more aware of how propaganda works and how public discourse gets polluted.
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The following is an excerpt from the new book I’m Right and You’re an Idiot by James Hoggan (New Society Publishers, 2016): 

Propaganda is a polluting and polarizing behavior that is arguably as vast and destructive as any other cultural or social forces. What’s more, in the case of modern corporations, deregulation has legitimized the use of unbridled propaganda and created a regulatory, legal and financial system that virtually demands it.

In his book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, author, filmmaker and law professor Joel Bakan traced the corporation’s rise to dominance, right back to its origins centuries ago. Balkan illuminated how these juggernauts are required…

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musical interlude CLXVI

So i’m sucker for covers. What can I do?


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fem vox
fem vox
fem vox
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fem vox
sad clown
star warz

musical interlude CLXV

election… whatamess

musical interlude CLXIV

Nevada convention: further reason not to trust the current Democratic party [NC]



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