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musical interlude C


quicklink: Stiglitz on Greece [proj-syn]

link:–stiglitz-2015-06 [project syndicate]

musical interlude XCIX

Oops, I don’t know how that chiptune got in there =)

This was a fun one… turns out there are a ton of songs with the name “Satellite”, there’s something cool about all of them. The rejects were almost more fun than the ones that made it in. I really wanted to put in the one by Lena the German Eurovision girl from a couple of years back. It’s such a catchy song but I find her voice distracting. So I tried to find the same song with other vocals, and…. well, here’s the original, and then there’s this a-capella version

musical interlude XCVIII

a lil break…

150 billion livestock, allegedly leave a bigger mark on earth than humans ?!


Move over automobiles, you’re no longer the greatest environmental evil.

You thought that with all our technology, 8 billion human beings have the biggest impact on the earth we live on. According to author of this article, we don’t. He suggests that in the unlikely event of running short of natural resources, we could simply replace some of the meat in our diet with veggies.

I had a really delicious steak for dinner Monday night. Juicy. Perfectly cooked. Seasoned just right. Some green beans on the side. Nice glass of wine too (also resource-intensive). Destroying the planet never felt so good.

Check out the article though, the numbers are quite impressive:

musical interlude XCVII

Why, oh why, do they all devolve into chiptunes?


“Progressive” Obama: He’s Melting, He’s Melting [Counterpunch]

This goes out to all my fellow suckers who voted for Pres. Obama hoping against hope that he would actually be different. Let’s maybe try to remember that this upcoming election, eh? So maybe consider voting neither Democrat nor Republican, since they’ll both just trick you either way?



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