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Yeah this isn’t just a music blog. (Maybe it should be….)

Cali wildfires. Can this year get any worse for the insurance industry? Possible damage to wine country. As a fan of cali cab’s and zin’s, that one hurts. (what, people? homes? I know….)

Trump vs Iran, DPRK – tweet tweet, tweet tweet…. I honestly thought we set the all-time record earlier, but today’s batch of neo-con’s is so absurdly moronic, we’re at some kind of a fundamental limit here. They’re convinced they make sense, debate isn’t really an option, so might as well enjoy the freakshow.

Trump vs US Congress, health care – tweet tweet, tweet tweet… I hear the NY Times is hiring ornithologists… Alas, I’m just an engineer.

Clinton blame game – tweet tweet, tweet tweet…

Trump vs Bombardier – in what seems to be the first successful instance of the Trump Administration actually intimidating anyone of significance, the Canadian regional jet builder was threatened with exorbitant tarriffs when exporting to the US. (the Administration going to bat for Boeing, in case that’s unclear). Bombardier promptly initiated a merger, selling a controlling stake to Airbus, as a workaround.

Kurdish independence – someone pulled the plug on that one.

Catalan indepenece – Spanish PM set to activate “crush mode”, which they thoughtfully wrote into their constitution. EU seems supportive of that, so if the Catalans choose to fight it, they’re going to have to pull out some Gandhi level moves. However, should we get more videos of riot police bashing unarmed old people in the face, those images may become inconveniently persistent. 2017 is supposed to be a cooling-off period after all the anti-establishment business of the 2016 political year. Now there’s an outside chance the Italians will not draw the right conclusions from the Spanish drama, which of course would lead to further drama.

Speaking of which, Czech election, taking place today – another anti-migrant/euroskeptic party set to get a plurality…

China – big speech by XJP – “modern socialist country”, acknowledges “desire for democracy”, environmental considerations, set to consolidate state power, both domestically and internationally (pretend that wasn’t there), appeals to continued increases in material well being, quality of life, national beautification etc. What does it mean? Who knows.

The FED, US interest rates, US vs Euro rate differentials …. where’s that all going?


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(Reblog) Blade Runner Review

by James Wallace Harris, Wednesday, October 11, 2017 Normally I don’t write “reviews” of works I dislike. Why waste time on bad art, huh? I prefer to promote creative work I admire. However, in trying to understand why I disliked Blade Runner 2049 I asked myself, “What did I love about the original?” It came to […]

via Blade Runner 2049 – The Evil of Heartless Sequels — Auxiliary Memory

Peteybee here – I actually enjoyed the movie, but I went in with low expectations. It worked well for me as a mystery. (MILD SPOILER ALERT BELOW!)

The negatives: I found the characters mostly dull and charmless. Notable exceptions of Luv (the evil fembot), who’se desire to… I dunno, please her boss, or be the best or whatever – although dysfunctional, and dark, had a magnetic thing about the way she expressed her motivations and you just want to watch what she will do in her robotic way. Even though unsexy, she had the spark. And Decker, of course. Harrison Ford, being the character he knows how to do so well.

If only the protagonist, K, or the villain, Wallace, had even the slightest bit of life in them…  “subtly portrayed” is the polite euphemism. Especially wasted was the potential of K’s interactions with his AI simulated mate. You could probably make a whole side-story about life told from the point of view of a simulation like Joi, but one who *is* actually human, in essence of character, but lacks a body and has to resort to tricks such as she does. But seeing her earnest (if pre-programmed) desire to please so frustrated was almost painful, which I’m sure was the intended effect. Still, you’d think K could do something more creative than just “buy her an upgrade”. He does prove to be creative and intelligent… just not there.

The scenery too, a letdown – and that is something I was looking forward to, since major scifi movies are now dominated by CG which is really just what such movies call set design. But all they did was re-create the “Blade Runner” world, which 35 years later is just a cliche. Again, a couple of exceptions- I liked the orange-light world (even though it’s just fog effect, probably the cheapest CG trick in the movie), and also Decker’s area. The latter especially by way of contrast, after having the rest of the movie in such a dead place. Seeing an interesting interior, anything, was badly needed.

But! Despite all that, the plot is fantastically written and the movie moves. I really wanted to know what would happen at the end, and was excited for each reveal. Easily worth $10.

The review I linked above goes into much more interesting stuff, so do check it out!

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for me, daft punk covers/mixes/reversions never get old =)
(warning: may contain cheezy cheez)

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another “contemporary covers” youtube group

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