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Hillary + DNC vs Putin (aka Wikileaks + Trump + angry Bernie supporters)

In response to Wikileaks exposing the DNC’s collusion with the Clinton campaign, the Clinton campaign is trying to paint all of their critics as agents of Putin.

This includes:

  • Bernie supporters who now have proof that the Democratic primary was not conducted fairly (with DWS’s instant resignation as further confirmation)
  • Trump supporters who are no doubt enjoying this moment of chaos
  • Anyone who brings up any kind of hypocrisy in the Democratic party’s conduct
  • Anyone who questions the good faith of the Clinton campaign
  • Anyone who questions the honesty of the DNC’s media partners in the various under-the-table transactions that allowed Clinton to win the nomination
  • Anyone who questions the ethics of the pay-to-play action enjoyed by donors to the DNC fundraising machine. (And yes, the equivalent thing certainly exists on the Republican side and is equally despicable)
  • Anyone who reads Wikileaks and sees positive value, in bringing significant corruption and/or official wrongdoing to light — even if the sources are less than noble in their intent.

All of the above commie bastards have now been granted honorary Russian citizenship by the Clinton campaign.

At the risk of stating the obvious — this shows that the DNC and the Clinton campaign have no meaningful response whatsoever to the materials revealed by the leaks.

Trump as the Reagan Reboot [JP Sottile / Consortium]

JP Sottile writing for Consortium News, looks at Trump’s success with anti-establishment voters, his vague rhetoric, and his resistance to criticism — as a conscious effort to reprise Reagan’s 1980 campaign. A fascinating and original piece.

[via Stop Making Sense]

How the Democrats got over the Rainbow


July 25, 2016

After acknowledging that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders called on supporters of his defeated primary campaign to continue working to transform the Democratic Party. But that strategy has been tried before. Lee Sustar, a veteran contributor to Socialist Worker, looks back at Rev. Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow challenge” in the 1980s–and explains how the Democratic Party absorbed that effort and killed the left’s hope for a mass membership Rainbow Coalition.

Jesse Jackson speaks during the 1984 Democratic presidential primary campaign

Jesse Jackson speaks during the 1984 Democratic presidential primary campaign

CAN BERNIE Sanders succeed where Jessie Jackson failed three decades ago in attempting to transform the Democratic Party?

Following his speech last month in which he conceded that Hillary Clinton would win the nomination, a reported 7,000 supporters answered Sanders’ call to declare that they would run for public office–including challenging Democratic incumbents in primary campaigns–and carry on the values that his…

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Bern’s DNC speech

not normally into liveblogging but hey. Lot of delegates crying there. wow.

Sanders just made a whole bunch of lovely progressive promises on behalf of Clinton. I hope she keeps them….

“Hillary Clinton understands ______(issue) ”

Even took a direct shot at the TPP! yea

… endorses clinton, goodnite!

Why is he not the nominee?


Next stop:


WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange on Releasing DNC Emails and Resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Video interview with Julian Assange on the devastating leaks showing the DNC were explicitly taking sides for Clinton and actively undermining half of their own party.

In the process of actively manipulating the primary process and leaning on the scales for establishment favorite Hillary, the Democratic party leadership has just about completed the selection of a Clinton, who is unable to pull ahead of Trump in the polls, when another more popular, more electable, less scandal-ridden candidate was available (not to mention one who had a better record of positive achievements in government).

Stop Making Sense

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musical interlude CLXXI

Dedicated to hot summer nights and people who like music more than sleep

Sanders endorsement of Clinton -> Vote for a 3rd party!


Just a quick note for the record here.

Sanders endorsed Hillary, as expected. He’s got to go back to the Senate, that’s fine. Part of his deal for his time in the limelight was that he has to play the part of the sheepdog now. That’s ok, we don’t have to go along with it.

First of all, Bernie’s candidacy was an amazing success, given the uphill odds, the game being rigged against him, etc. Here are some of the things we learned in more detail:

Bernie got something like 45% support among Democratic primary voters, and he regularly outperformed Clinton in heads-up polling against all Republican candidates. Alternative candidates *are* absolutely viable – the line that “a non-standard candidate would be unpopular/unelectable” is now fully debunked.

We got to dig into Hillary’s qualifications as a Democrat and boy, did we find a mess of reasons why she would not be at all acceptable as a president. My top two are that Hillary is pro-war to the point of surrounding herself with NeoCon’s and acting like one herself, and Hillary is is fully pro-corporate status quo, which means economically anti-progressive. In addition to policy, there are also some troubling ethical questions with the tens (hundreds?) of millions in “donations”, blatant evasion of FOIA while she was Sec of State — in other words the trust factor is far from adequate for the job.

We found out that the mainstream media is in the pockets of the mainstream parties — so one should double check news and dig deeper to get any semblance of the truth on controversial political subjects.

We found out that the process of counting votes is… um… well there’s something funny about it. Look at the California Dem. primary election, the numbers that were reported on election night and what they really turned out to be.

And last but not least, we found out that our 2-party system gives us 2 bad choices. In my opinion, accepting either of those choices will only guarantee that you continue to receive 2 bad choices in the future. The thing to do is bite the bullet, and vote for a 3rd party regardless of the consequences. Only then will the your “usual” party, whichever one it is, have the incentive to actually represent you.

Jill Stein (Green) (my personal pick)   –or–  Gary Johnson (Libertarian)

In the long run, the thing to do is promote Ranked Choice Voting / Instant Runoff Voting, and Proportional Representation — these are well known technical ways to conduct democratic voting in a way that avoids locking everyone into a “2-party” black-and-white format. Read up on these and inform others when these issues arise!


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