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Why Ocasio-Cortez’s Platform is So Great [David Swanson / CounterPunch]

July 3, 2018

It’s because the newly nominated (in Democratic primary for her congressional district) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an articulate anti-war position. In a way we haven’t seen from a Democrat at the national level since Kucinich in 2004-2008. (Per the article’s author.)


Without speculating on how long the campaign positions of Ocasio-Cortez lasts in the face of whatever temptations are offered to new members of Congress, I agree with this completely.

As an aside, Kucinich’s angle has changed slightly since then. Counterintuitively, it turned out that the main audience for the anti-war message was actually conservative, while the Democrats completely dropped their resistance to the MIC and succeeded in erasing it from intra-party discourse. In any case, I give Kucinich tremendous credit for reviving, even if for a limited time, some badly needed agenda items, such as anti-imperialism, RCV, and the central importance of corporate money in politics).

On a simpler level of practical politics, a big take-away for me is this sound-byte / slogan level:

Peace Economy  

The US would be more prosperous with less egregious inequality, if the government weren’t spending the biggest chunk of its budget on defense contractors. I hope the success of Ocasio-Cortez emboldens more politicians to embrace this message, which has been largely missing from US politics since 2008.

I like how this wording short-circuits a lot of the BS excuses / political arguments made in favor of militarization.

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