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busy couple of weeks “IRL” as they say (unrelated to this blog). But also a busy couple of weeks in US and world politics… will be back soon enough.

musical interlude CCVI


France: Macron and Le Pen advance. Stats and polls breaking down impact for second round.

C-H8q-cXoAANJk5Results closely follow polls, Macron and Le Pen advance.

Breakdown for the second round:

US politics – LPF vs FEC non-update

not much that I’m finding. The last court order was Feb 10th, according to the FEC website. Most recent news item I am finding is Apr. 6th, with FEC refusing to take enforcement action against the CPD, but not challenging the district court’s order either (?).

musical interlude CCV

How about some more e-swing – This one mixes in both gypsy jazz and chippy synth tones. What more could I ask for? 🙂

French Election

In the final week before the critical battle for second place in the first round, it remains a tight race, with Macron and Le Pen just barely ahead of Melenchon and Fillon by a polling margin of error.

First article below is on the significance of the parliamentary elections which follow the presidential election – the lack of a clear favorite among the electorate will return to inconvenience the winner of the Presidency.  Second article is an interesting profile of the candidates for more color – given how little detail we get in US media. Both authors obviously have their favorites.


musical interlude CCIV

location: another long drive, nighttime / caffeinated

mario winans / pditty -> niche – i don’t wanna know (hyper disco remix)
mccartney – monkeberry moon delight
katy perry – chained to the rhythm
police -> vanessa lynch – synchronicity II (cover)
george harrison – got my mind set on you
fiona apple – criminal
punch brothers – julep
caravan palace – lone digger

update- removed the cheezy 80s crap (mostly) and… aw shoot, the ending got a bit out of control. Was just supposed to come down with some cute kittypop. its a cool tune anyway….