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pre Super Tuesday post + virus

March 3, 2020

Alright, here we go, big day tomorrow.

Biden survived South Carolina, maintaining the African American vote, at least in one distinctly conservative state where Biden may well be a better GE candidate than Sanders.

Importantly, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Steyer are now out. Warren and Bloomberg are staying in. Glenn Greenwald [Intercept 2020.03.02] has a good take on it, and I agree with it. Biden is already the weaker general election candidate, and the Dem party alienating Sanders voters would make him even weaker.

For tomorrow, the crystal ball says (by votes): Sanders 36%, Biden 28%, Warren 16%, Bloomberg 12%, All others 8%. Let’s see what happens.

In other news we got the coronavirus, quite possibly coming to a population center near you. US disaster response hasn’t been all that it could be, so this is a real point of concern. China, Korea, and Japan have gone to great lengths to keep it contained. Italy has cordoned off part of the country. Meanwhile, it would seem the US hasn’t made full use of the month or so of head start we got. I’m not particularly optimistic. That said, any “prepper” talk is way overboard in my opinion.

The things I can do are limited, and mainly involve immune system health: (1) get plenty of sleep (2) limit alcohol consumption (3) no smoking of any kind.


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