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Progressive in NY: Interviews with Cynthia Nixon and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [Jacobin]

July 15, 2018

A pair of timely interviews. As mentioned in the AOC interview and as I’ve said a zillion times – in NY state, the primary election is the election. This election is poorly publicized if at all, is deliberately scheduled for an inconvenient time, and when there isn’t a president-of-the-US primary election on the same day, turnout is often in the single digits as a % of eligible voters. It is by far the biggest opportunity for voters to make a difference.

Interview with Cynthia Nixon, sounding off on her opponent, NY governor Andrew Cuomo.

Interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where she talks about how she got where she is and has some words to inspire other progressives to run.

In other news, in my local NY State 23rd Congressional District, absentee ballots are in and it looks like somewhat-progressive Tracy Mitrano beat out somewhat-conservative Max Della Pia, for the Democratic nomination. The district leans Republican by a significant but not insurmountable margin.


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