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Notes on nationalism [George Orwell]

December 13, 2015

By “nationalism”, Orwell here means what we would call “tribalism” today. I think all of us who are interested in political, social, and international relations issues, whatever our leanings, will find some of this familiar.

It is more than just a critique of the jingoist-patriot type, or the apologist for a mainstream political party — those targets are too easy and cheap to be worth Orwell’s time. In present day American terms, it is a biting look at types such as the righteous progressive or libertarian, the comfortably priviledged and well educated pacifist, anti-imperialist, advocate of the working class, defender of second class races and ethnicities, etc. Present day Anglo Russophiles come to mind as well.  Orwell paints a picture of each of these in their worst moments.

It’s worth a read, was written in 1945. The man knew how to express himself.


[via Idler on a Hammock ]

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