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White House, re: Snowden — “it’s a dangerous world”

July 28, 2015

[via Zerohedge, the fringe-magnet in every internet’s kitchen ]

I said it once before, but it bears repeating…

The White House responded to a petition to “pardon”, or rather, to stop accusing, Snowden. The reason to take Snowden’s side is that his actions, in opposing secret abuses of power by our state, stand up for freedom, transparency, and values of human rights that the US represents. In response, the White House deployed the old saw, that “it’s a dangerous world out there”.

One way to distinguish the sane from the insane, is that the sane are able to picture their own actions through the eyes of others, and adapt accordingly. And so, after reading the white house’s response, the inner psychologist in me perks up as I drive by my town’s furniture store — the couches for sale could be put to good use healing some of the damaged souls behind those foolish words.

The world indeed *is* a dangerous place. Full of enemies, to be sure. But put yourself in the eyes of random global citizen . . . more often than not, where does the danger emanate from? If US government foreign policy leadership cannot calmly apply this question onto itself, then their view of the world will be formed without including the dominant dynamic in the lay of present-day global power.

It is sensible to maintain the power needed to overcome enemies. But this need must be balanced vs the need to stop making new enemies. Not seeing this is a severe disability, sure to result in a steadily worsening spiral of dysfunction.

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