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2020 Primary: Bullock, Sestak, Harris drop out

December 3, 2019

Finally, the field is starting to thin out.

  • Steve Bullock, MT governor
  • Joe Sestak, former PA representative and retired admiral
  • Kamala Harris, CA senator (term ending 2022). Just dropped per cnbc

Bullock and Sestak had negligible impact on the race (below 1% in Morning Consult poll released yesterday [538]).

Harris, on the other hand, was a relatively big name from a big state. I thought she might stay in just to have a shot at VP, which would be an especially sought after position this year, and her profile is ideal to be paired with a conservative white guy like Biden or even Buttigieg. Although unclear to what degree that is still a possibility after she took a shot at Biden in the first debate.

It will be interesting to see where Harris’ support will go, especially in CA. It was as much as 3-5% nationally (e.g. yesterday’s MC poll), and 6-10% in CA (e.g. Nov26th SurveyUSA poll).

Continuing to look at yesterday’s MC poll, Booker, Klobuchar, and Bennet have another 5% national polling between them, and a Senate seat to go back to.


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