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Whistleblower & Politicization of Intelligence [Scott Ritter / Consortium News]

November 28, 2019

Detailed article by the former Iraq weapons inspector


[via NakedCapitalism (in the comments)]


Before I say anything else, happy thanksgiving to all!  Wherever you are, relax, try to take it easy, and be kind to one another.

The article paints a picture of the difficult situation the originators of the current impeachment effort found themselves in. (the whistleblower was not alone in the views he held.)

As 2016 rolled into 2017, the whistleblower found himself in an administration about to roll back policies that were his. He and colleagues now reported to Flynn, who they were not only suspicious of, but had just been investigating and trying to keep from becoming their boss.

Ritter’s problem with this is that in such a situation, the whistleblower and like minded colleagues weren’t working for the current administration any more. The article doesn’t specifically say so, but essentially they are acting in the interests of the former administration, or if you like the opposite political party – the divisions happen to coincide here. Entering into the arena of politics (i.e. impeachment) is the avenue the whistleblower etc had available to resolve their predicament. This is a big no-no for the “IC”, but they decided that the level of wrongdoing (as they saw it) justified breaking this rule. Without even judging whether they were right in their judgment of the Trump administration, bringing the “IC” into politics opens up a heck of a can of worms right there.

My problem (actually I have several, but I am looking for an angle that can also be broken down without making a judgment about the actual accusations – doing so would be about as useful as arguing over religion) – my problem isn’t so much with the acting contrary to orders or chain of command. After all, there are cases when doing so is justifiable – the very existence of the whistleblower concept is an acknowledgment of this. But even besides this, we now have, in essence, the two sides investigating each other for the crime of having investigated each other. That situation is kindof ridiculous. There can be no resolution besides firing everyone on both sides and starting from scratch. And to be honest, that doesn’t sound so bad, as many of them deserve it for other reasons that are vastly more serious. (like starting wars, killing lots of innocent people, covering it up – that kind of thing).

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