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Fixing the Electoral College [Edward B. Foley / Politico]

May 6, 2019

donkeyphant-us-mapAs I’ve been saying for a bit, one of the glaring deficiencies of the US electoral system is a serious lack of proportional vote, resulting from both single seat districts and the electoral college. The result is the hold-your-nose-for-the-least-worst logic of our two-party system.

Passing state-level Proportional Representation (PR) and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) initiatives is a practical workaround to some of the problems with the system – in this article, the focus is on the electoral college.

Link:  Want to Fix Presidential Elections? Here’s The Quickest Way [Politico]

A fundamental principle of the US, from its formation, is that smaller states get extra power. The way this is arranged is (1) the Senate, and (2) the electoral college. This mechanism is extremely well protected by the constitutional amendment process, which requires amendments to be ratified by legislatures of 3/4 of the states.

Similarly, the National Proportional Vote Initiative (NPVI), while well intentioned (and discussed on this blog earlier), does not have much of a chance to gain the threshold of support it requires.

However, state-level proportional assignment of electoral college already exists, in Maine and Nebraska. The author of the politico article above points out that doing the same in a handful of swing states would be a drastic improvement right there.



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  1. I think ranked choice voting is a fine idea. But the key to Democrats winning the 2020 election is for them to have a platform that addresses the economic problems of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states. The key is for them to improve their game, not just to try to change the way the game is scored.

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