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Peace in Afghanistan, End to the Lies [Matthew Hoh / CouterPunch]

February 18, 2019

Afghanistan has been at war continuously for 40 years [1]. Reports of progress were, according to the author of this article, massively overstated. A potential peace deal with the Taliban, at long last ending hostilities, should not be shot down.


[1] Rough timeline (background, pre-2001):

1973 – Afghan King deposed. Replaced by cousin -> Republic of Afghanistan

1978 – Republic overthrown by the communists -> Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

1978-1979 – Bloody infighting among the local communist leaders. Reorganized the country. Ran it into the ground with alarming speed. US and allies begin to sponsor opposition

1979- USSR intervenes to try to rescue the situation

1979-1989 – Soviet war in Afghanistan. Opposition eventually organized around the mujahideen, with profound long term consequences

1989 – USSR leaves

1992 – Democratic Republic of Afghanistan falls. Civil war continues, mujahideen become numerous factions, warlords.

1994 – Taliban emerges

1996 – Taliban establish the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, conquers Kabul. The most powerful of the warlords join forces as the Northern Alliance, vaguely allied with India. (Taliban vaguely allied with Pakistan)

2001 – 9/11

2001-present – US invasion and war in Afghanistan



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