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Ilhan Omar, Elliott Abrams, and El Mozote circa 1981 [Raymond Bonner / The Atlantic]

February 16, 2019

Making America Great Again (TM) now involves a repeat of the brutally effective Reagan-era regime-change policy in Latin America. Including apparently one the very same people – in this case, Elliot Abrams.

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Abrams is former director NSC under Reagan, convicted in Iran Contra, a Bush advisor, original signatory member of Project for the New American Century, Iraq War advocate, more recently, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and now special envoy to Venezuela.

Omar (D-MN) is a first term representative, born in Somalia. She got herself in some pretty good trouble by a tweet implying that AIPAC makes political campaign contributions on a quid-pro-quo basis. In fact AIPAC is a lobbying organization and as such, it is not in the business of making direct campaign contributions.

AIPAC advocates policy and makes connections between lawmakers and other stakeholders in the legislative process. Some of the other stakeholders may be in a position to make or withhold political donations to individual lawmakers or parties. In cases where money is given by other stakeholders to PAC’s for example, this activity is protected, regardless of dollar amount, under the 1st amendment, per Citizens United.

Venezuela is undergoing something that is at once a foreign-sponsored “democracy promotion” initiative and potentially a forceful “regime-change” operation. This turns out to be Abrams’ exact specialty in foreign policy. The details of his previous successes in this field are not widely appreciated in North America.



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