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October 20, 2018

bomb-vs-bonesaw.jpeg Matt Wuerker, 10/2018 (via Politico), 

So what ought to be happening is an examination of how much the US-Saudi relationship has colored power politics in the Middle East. This relationship has made it impossible to take seriously US promotion of rule-of-law and democracy. Most people around the world are more than happy to get behind these things, if they were even half true in their part of the world.

Instead we’re seeing the Kashoggi incident transformed into just another battle in the House of Saud’s struggle for succession. With too many princes to count, that could go on indefinitely.

After years of exporting death and destruction (not a metaphor, literally), not to mention bankrolling fundamentalists worldwide, the one thing to actually cause change is that the person being whacked was a courtier in good standing?

It’s missing the forest from the trees… I hope there are voices in the media brave enough to not get steered down that rhetorical path. It wasn’t a “rogue prince” any more than it was a “rogue security officer”.

It’s a rogue relationship, and a rogue way of running foreign policy – using alliances to cover up for behavior we would never accept for our own country.

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