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Frank Examination of the pre-Trump Liberal Order [Paul Staniland/Lawfare]

July 31, 2018

The author urges anti-Trump pundits to go beyond longing for a “liberal order”. Such a vision was and remains a “conceptual jello” – a description quoted from a piece in CFR’s Foreign Affairs.


[via NakedCapitalism]

Make no mistake, Trump is neither an internationalist, nor an anti-imperialist. Foreign policy played little part in the decision-making of disgruntled voters that put him in office. However the same can’t be said for the numerous global sponsors of the US political process – the Citizens United supreme court decision affirmed the right to unlimited political “speech” (spending) for businesses and organizations, making this a permanent feature of our electoral system.

And although most voters probably don’t think along these lines, budget limitations create a real link between domestic-economic issues, and a foreign policy that allocates nearly a $Trillion a year to chasing an illusory Pax Americana.

Pursuing the Peace Economy concept would be the way to address both problems.



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