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Vote Tuesday! NY State primaries – House of Representatives, State Senate

June 24, 2018

Several competitive US House of Representatives seats will have their primary elections this Tuesday, June 26. Look up the candidates and vote.

In particular, the following districts are competitive in one way or another [per Ballotpedia, link at end]:

  • 1st (Long Island)
  • 14th (Eastern of the Bronx, part of Queens)
  • 19th (Catskills region & Hudson valley south of Albany)
  • 21st (North end of the state, between Lake Ontario and Vermont)
  • 24th (Syracuse area).

The DCCC identifies the following congressional districts as “targeted” [ibid]

  • 1st (Long Island)
  • 2nd (Long Island)
  • 11th (Staten Island)
  • 19th (Catskills/Hudson valley, south of Albany)
  • 21st (betw. Lake Ontario and Vermont)
  • 22nd (in the middle, strip from Bing. going NNE)
  • 23rd (southern tier)
  • 24th (syracuse area)
  • 27th (betw. Buffalo and Rochester, but excl. both cities)

Regarding what “targeted” means, as an example, my 23rd NY State Congressional district (southern tier) has a Republican incumbent who won by a ~15% margin last time around. So there is some limited hope of success for a Democrat unseating the Republican incumbent, if the anticipated anti-Trump wave turns out to be big enough. But it’s a long shot.

My location used to have a Dem. representative for a long time when it was in the 22nd district, until the rearrangement of congressional districts in 2013. Since then I’m in the fairly firm Republican majority 23rd district.¬†Like all NY State congressional districts, the 23rd is home to roughly 700,000 people as of last count. This is the granularity at which the national Democratic party does analysis and allocates resources. Note that State Senate districts are smaller, and State Assembly districts are smaller still.

Also up for grabs are nominations for some competitive State Senate seats. See same ballotpedia link below, further down within that.


Per-district info.,_2018

Map of NY State congressional districts:


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