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Reblog: Family Separation, Immigration policy – Adding Lying Insult To Traumatic Injury [Dandelion Salad]

June 24, 2018


Adding Lying Insult To Traumatic Injury by Elizabeth Terzakis + A Once Silent Crisis is Now a Deafening Cry + US Locks Up Central American Refugees That It’s Helped Displace

A much neglected topic that deserves more airtime.

The Trump administration’s callous attitude toward enforcing immigration law is just plain outrageous. The Obama administration, while not as in-your-face in this regard as the current Republicans running the system, did also deport a record number of undocumented immigrants (in the millions).

Similar bipartisan support is found for a variety of bombing campaigns in the middle east and beyond that are a central pillar of our foreigh policy. No heartbreak there. Millions of children starving in Yemen as a direct result of a war to which we are contributing in numerous ways? Whatevs. That “what-me-give-a-s###?” jacket the first lady wore so tastelessly the other day, probably came from a closet full of them that’s been in the White House all along.

Meanwhile, America the business, and also America the consumer, has no problem employing migrant workers and keeping them under constant threat of expulsion, thus making it impossible for them to exercise any labor bargaining power.

It is very important that situations like this rise to the level of public attention. Until the moral contradictions come close enough in distance, they’ll just continue to be ignored.

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