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Gaza: mass shooting of unarmed protesters [Democracy Now, BBC]

May 15, 2018

A dark day in Israel’s history, just shy of the nation’s 70th anniversary.

Thousands of unarmed Palestinian protesters approached the border between the Gaza strip and Israel, and were shot down with live ammunition (allegedly hollow points in some cases). 50+ killed, 2700 wounded.

The 2 state solution would have been a workable compromise, solving the so-called “demographic problem”, letting Palestinians have a state, and giving Israel the significantly more valuable half of the land.

Instead, the strategy has been to compel the Palestinian population to vacate the occupied territories and sabotage the viability of their not-quite-state, using a variety of means ranging from mildly unjust to completely barbaric.

This most recent episode has been going on since March – with what seems like tacit consent from all the major world powers, and positive encouragement from the Trump Administration as well as Democratic leaders like Sen. Chuck Schumer, who in this case is publicly backing Trump’s Jerusalem embassy move. (Last year, I believe, the Senator advanced a bill which would have made BDS illegal in the US and denied federal funding to universities, for example, in case they were to participate in such a movement).

You can ignore this kind of behavior only for so long. What happened today was way over the line.


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