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#2 Dem Representative caught ordering Progressive candidate to drop out of Colorado Primary [Caitlyn Johnstone]

April 28, 2018


This would be strike 2 for the Democratic party on the national level. Strike 1 was the funding, media, and structural (superdelegate) bias against Bernie Sanders – in the face of all polls showing him +1% to +3% better than Clinton vs all Republicans including Trump. Ahem.

FWIW, this happens locally too, at the county/municipal level. Our Dem party avoids having primaries in my town, by strategically timing incumbent resignations in a brief window before the primary is due to happen. There’s a loophole rule, because in those situations, it’s too late to organize a primary election. The party then gets to appoint the nominee for the general election by fiat, when the incumbent resigns in a particular window of time in the electoral calendar, which I think is something like 3 weeks long. This loophole has been intentionally used on at least 2 occasions in recent memory to “give” the nomination to someone. The consequences are lower in this case, since the general election in local races I’ve seen this done in is automatically Dem. So sabotaging a candidate who may turn out to be more popular is not as suicidal a policy as in more competitive localities, states, or the presidency. But it still makes it pretty hard to describe the party as Democratic.

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