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April 27, 2018

Tesla –

Sandy Munro talks about how the Tesla Model 3 is built. 2 specimens were purchased secondhand and completely disassembled all the way down to the frame. His company disassembles cars and writes detailed reports about what they find. In this 1.5 hour video, he gives some teases about his findings (some good, some bad), and is basically selling his company’s upcoming analysis report on the Model 3. [indirectly via NakedCapitalism].

Unemployment, Economic issues, Labor Relations, Politics –

NakedCapitalism / Alternet Article by Sara Robinson, on the 40 hour workweek, basically advocating reduced work hours on the basis of improved productivity. I agree completely. In my opinion, if broken down into 5 equal days, the 30 hour week is the point of diminishing returns. 50 hours = point of negative returns. That is, any “work” after 50 is made with the thinking parts of the brain being exhausted. No long term benefit at all. Unless you’ve pre-planned your work to the point where it is broken down into tasks which don’t require exercising judgment and can tolerate lack of focus. Or unless you’re running on excitement / adrenaline / stimulants, which you really shouldn’t do for more than brief bursts. (and that mode of work also results in hasty decisions). Also, in terms of financial returns, it stops being worth it even before the 50th hour.

Speaking of which… I’m in the midst of getting one of these inadequately resourced “no-win” projects out the door, and each day this week it goes from “yess-finally-done” to “oh-no-something-we-swept-under-the-rug-2-months-ago-has-come-back-to-bite-us”. Yay for lack of planning. Fortunately, the consequences are not my problem here, so normal length days.

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