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April 20, 2018

Arg! another snowstorm! what’s going on?

UPDATE- Aaand we pretty much skipped spring and had a couple days of almost summer weather. Feel much better now. Tho the teevee says it was snowing in a neighboring town ~1hr away. Upstate NY microclimates :-\

First, link to Richard Falk on the syria strike. Well articulated, as always.

Next, we have another move in congress to hand over another blank check on war powers to the executive branch, but this time with no time limit. Article from the American Conservative. Why conservative? Because this s**t is bipartisan and conservatives appropriated the remaining popular opposition to militarism. Oh and Democratic sponsor of the bill is none other than Tim Kaine, the vice presidential nominee in 2016. Total screwage on both sides.

The grim reality of the whole thing kind-of struck me today. Foreign policy is now somehow made by a combination of trash-talking tweets, generals, two of our most notably conflicted international allies, and representatives of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and the oil industry. The latter group just in case their interests are involved, which they always are because (1) it’s the middle east and (2) things don’t just blow up for free.

It also struck me that top leadership in all the external security cabinet departments now have individuals who, in a better world, would face examination by the ICC. No, really. CIA deputy director Foss – overseeing site systematically engaging in torture. Secretary of State Bolton – leading promoter of Iraq war, vehemently anti-UN. Secretary of Defense Mattis – Fallujah.

And then the various FBI figures, Comey and Mueller being perfect examples, who pretty much consider themselves to be a 4th branch of government at this point. Trying to act as the check and balance that Congress has long given up in any meaningful sense. Except that unlike Congress, FBI officials have no real accountability to voters, or really anyone outside their own department. And of course Trump’s corners of the executive branch fight back, so they’re in all likelyhood having a sprawling 300-way fiesta of blackmail, the end of which will just be a distillation of leadership into whoever is the best at playing this game. Most recently, Giuliani appears to be joining this circus, and he’s got to be about the last person I’d want involved.

And then we have multiple weekly escalations of the “soft” conflict with China. Just step back for a second — in the last 30 years, every single American- like every last one, had a counterpart in China, a personal peon for every single person in the US, working 12 hour days in a factory for dogfood – So that we could buy all of life’s conveniences cheaply at Amazon or Target or Best Buy or Walmart. In that context, talking about the unfairness of terms of trade and “forced technology transfer” looks very different. Right now they’re gritting their teeth and smiling but probably they’re really thinking how much nicer the world would be without the US, being so consistently obnoxious. So probably there’s going to be some shipbuilding or other form of military buildup there. Which is similar to saying they did a little urban construction in the early 2000’s. So that’s just what we need to cap it all off.

Well, they can’t all be positive happy blogposts, can they?

Happy spring! oh wait, it’s snowing.

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  1. The FBI as a fourth branch of government – that’s exactly right.

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