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Trump is in trouble

April 12, 2018

In foreign policy, counterparties are starting to call his bluffs. The military is starting to say no to him pretty much directly. Republican support weakened noticeably after Trump took actual steps to threaten imports from China – a chunk of business worth almost as much as the military budget – to put it into perspective. As a reminder, whether Trump stays or goes is up to Republicans. Also, strangely, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just retired – not sure what that’s about. At a minimum, a bad day for Wisconsin’s hair gel industry. Finally, Trump’s opponents in the FBI etc continue to go after his legal representation, which will eventually work if sustained long enough. That might be the actual angle for the investigations to have their effect. And as usual there are long term side effects – it adds a tool to the toolkit that will be in the hands of Trump himself if he survives this, and if not then his ideological successors. Look for them to go also go after the opposition’s lawyers more aggressively.

In other news… war in Syria? Or not? I’m going with not….

And an update with Tesla: stock rebounded to $300 ish. I don’t know why I find it so fascinating…

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