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Soros WEF speech

January 27, 2018

George Soros’s remarks from an event at Davos. Text linked below.

Besides the usual items – calling for European Unity, praising the work of his foundations and the somewhat malleable concept of Open Society – there are some fascinating new/noteworthy elements.

First is the way he phrases his hopes for US politics — “to re-establish a functioning two-party system”. This immediately stood out to me, as something I’d rather NOT see. One of my core beliefs is that it is the lock-in of the two-party system, in itself, which is a primary enabler of a lot of dysfunctional and un-representative aspects of US politics. A multi-party system would be more democratic, more responsive, and more responsible. Related to that, one of the key stories of the 2016 election was that BOTH the Democratic and Republican party “establishments” were repudiated by an enormous part of their own base – the centrist-corporate Democrats had to use all their pull with superdelegates and media pre-judging the outcome to overcome the egalitarianist challenge from Sanders, and Republican kingmakers had the unpalatable choice of Trump vs Cruz. Ironically Trump managed to restore some semblance of Republican party unity among the rank and file. In any case, beyond trying to counter Trump’s nationalism, I consider any effort to restore the two-party status quo counterproductive, especially on the Democratic side.

Second is the focus on social media monopolies (FB and Goggle, as my phone likes to auto-correctly spell it) as a deep and significant trouble spot. I agree with that part very much.



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