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Sexual harassment in high places, or just workplaces [HBR]

November 22, 2017


Doesn’t exactly cover the more serious and well placed offenders, but it’s something.

Summary – Long term fix:

Correct the gender imbalance in the C-suite. 

Interim measures:

1. Training programs. Pro: Covers ass legally. Con: Doesn’t work, and may even have negative effectiveness on the people who need it most.

2. Reporting policies. Pro: Covers ass legally. Reduces Harassment rate. Con: may negatively affect gender balance and diversity (women more likely to be seen as threat / undesirable on team, more likely to quit because ignoring harassment is no longer socially acceptable) – this perpetuates one of the root causes of the problem.

3. Make an effort to search for CEO’s who take the issue seriously.

4. Hire more women to leadership track positions, and anticipate the need to somehow make up for the large numbers who will quit after being harassed. Take other steps to improve diversity.


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