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Clinton controlled DNC finances since 2015 [Donna Brazile / Politico]

November 2, 2017


Donna Brazile jumps ship in spectacular fashion, writing a powerful confessional piece on behalf of the DNC. Simultaneously is probably the best bit of fund-raising copy I’ve ever seen. (UPDATE: and, building buzz for her book release next week.)

Executive summary:

DNC was starved of funds (huh?) between 2012 and 2015. One of Clinton’s slush funds bailed them out, in exchange for Clinton having control over staffing and flow of money (during the primary). Deal was made by Robby Mook (huh? he was like 36yo then) at the beginning of primaries.

UPDATE – equally interesting commentary below from the Atlantic.

Key point there – the meat of Brazile’s politico article, Clinton commanding the DNC, isn’t really news (though making it a subject of discussion is). Nor was the contractual relationship between the DNC and the Clinton campaign a secret. Around ~April 2016, the Sanders campaign vocally complained about it, dropped a couple of since-forgotten articles in the press.


Man, I have to wonder what was going on behind the scenes of this one. I figured there would be retaliation for the Manafort indictments, perhaps this was released to preempt same info coming out via a hostile source.

Some tangential notes that were hit:

  • Russian hacking (taken for granted), actually revealed this all and prompted the “investigation” in the trail of money
  • Tacit confirmation that Clinton manipulated the primary process in her own favor (no kidding?)
  • It wasn’t her fault – that is, Brazile, and she’ll make it all better now once we can put this unfortunate mistake behind us, and she’s cool with Bernie Sanders and he’s ok with her
  • Throws Obama under the bus, for underfunding DNC
  • Really throws Wasserman-Schultz under the bus
  • Robbie Mook as well



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