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Perez-Clinton wing of DNC consolidates power [Branko Marketic / Jacobin]

October 30, 2017

The Perez-Clinton wing of the DNC has purged several of its left-leaning members from their committee positions, including the influential Rules Committee, which will structure the critically important 2020 Democratic primaries.

link: “Unity is a One Way Street”: (2017.10.26, Jacobin Magazine)

It appears the DNC, under Perez, is doubling down on its 2016 strategy. In their view, the Democratic loss to Trump was caused in significant part by the popularity of Bernie Sanders, who is blamed for “showing up” Clinton. I’ll resist the temptation to say what I think of that.

Whatever concessions are made to the Sanders wing, (possibly even none), the DNC is ensuring that any such planning will happen with a controlling portion of the input from the center-right corporate wing, i.e., Perez-Clinton, vs the left-populist progressive wing represented by Sanders-Ellison.

The danger is they will again nominate a center-right pro-establishment candidate similar to Clinton, despite the advantage that Sanders type candidates have in their appeal to independents, the most critical group of voters. The lessons of 2016 appear, at this time, to be unlearned.


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