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Sen. Schumer: New slogan for D party, repudiates Clinton [CNN]

July 24, 2017

After 6 months of focus-grouping and strategizing, Sen Chuck Schumer presented the new “message” of the Democratic party: “Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages”, if I remember it correctly (it’s not actually repeated in the article).

Anyway, that’s not too bad. “Good Jobs for All Americans” may’ve been catchier, IMO, but at least the slogan spells out a specific path. As part of the announcement, Schumer repudiated the previous “I’m with Her” slogan of the party’s 2016 campaign.


My reaction: about 18 months too late. Nevertheless, I applaud the recognition that the 2016 strategy was a complete disaster. At this point, the goal for 2018 for Democrats is to prevent the Republicans from making further gains in the Senate – half a dozen Democrat Senate seats in swing states are in play. Winning back the House is technically possible as well, but a long-shot.

UPDATE 2017.08.23 – after a month, it seems this slogan has been abandoned. So much for that.

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