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Syria, US-Russia showdown

June 20, 2017

This is a topic I’m now keeping a distance from, mostly, but it’s important enough subject not to ignore completely.

So the US shot down a Syrian warplane. Statements from the Russian MOD and the Pentagon followed. Aside from the usual huffing and puffing and claims of innocence / fighting terrorism, both statements seemed to contain seeds of a resolution of the conflict via division of territory. The Russian statement threatening to apply something along the lines of a no-fly-zone to the region west of the Euphrates. The Pentagon statement specifically disclaiming the objective of fighting the Syrians regime or its allies (although simultaneously claiming the right to forceful intervention).

From now on, in areas where Russian aviation performs combat missions in the skies of Syria, any airborne objects found west of the Euphrates River, including aircraft and unmanned vehicles belonging to the international coalition, tracked by means of Russian land and air anti-aircraft defense, will be considered air targets


The Coalition’s mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  The Coalition does not seek to fight Syrian regime, Russian, or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but will not hesitate to defend Coalition or partner forces from any threat.

The Coalition presence in Syria addresses the imminent threat ISIS in Syria poses globally. The demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces toward Coalition and partner forces in Syria conducting legitimate counter-ISIS operations will not be tolerated.

The Coalition calls on all parties to focus their efforts on the defeat of ISIS, which is our common enemy and the greatest threat to regional and worldwide peace and security.

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