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Trump-Russia conspiracy theory in infographic format

May 18, 2017

centerpieces: Flynn (lack of disclosure, lying to Pence) and Roger Stone (generally shady political op, communicated with “Guccifer 2.0” in the course of digging up and publicizing election dirt, which turned up in the form of the Podesta leaks and the Comey kiss-of-death). The rest is fluff and business contacts that are pretty tame as these things go.

As before, my take on this is that a weak and scandal-ridden Trump who cannot do much generally keeps everyone out of trouble. A more active presidency, whether neocon or interventionist or economically or socially regressive – Pence is all of these – would be worse.

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  1. Share your sense that these are primarily clumsy entrepreneurial business contacts and not meriting the multiple investigations being pursed. Sigh.

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