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The DLC Lives: “Third Way” Democrats Push Rightward [Michael Corcoran / Truthout]

March 27, 2017


In response to the genuine crisis of Trump’s election, Democratic party leadership is circling the wagons, rather than reaching out to their own base or independents, now the largest group of voters (and Sanders, an independent, self-described democratic socialist,  is the most popular national politician in recent polls).

If they defeat Trump politically, which would be a positive symbolic step, their path leaves the Democratic party with little to fight against a more outwardly polite Republican leader. The deregulationist DLC era has laid one stepping stone after another to deeper dismantling of protections that Trump’s backers envision. The deregulationists also helped discredit the Democratic party with significant sections of the general public – not unlike what happened to the Republican party. This was and continues to be an invitation to further right-wing politics in the US.

Because the view that the “Third Way” was a great mistake involves potent criticisms of the relationship between government and big business, it is an unspeakable subject. And the direct connection between the “Third Way” strategy and a right-wing reaction appears to be invisible to the corporate leadership of the Democrats (or else something they believe they can manage with just another public relations campaign). Without active pressure to change that belief, we can expect repeats of 2016.


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