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German politics: Merkel’s Christian Democrats win in Saarland state election [DW]

March 26, 2017

The very small state of Saarland had their election. CDU gains 5%, in a disappointment for Martin Schulz and the SPD, who hoped to do better.

CDU 40%, SPD 30%, Linke 13%, AfD 6%, Green <5%, thus no seats for them :-(.

To review, I’m looking at the German and French elections because the next few years will see efforts to reshape the EU, potentially alleviating severe tensions, or potentially screwing up the chance.

In terms of how the German election will relate to EU integration, as far as I understand there wouldn’t be drastic differences between CDU and SPD. Schulz was president of the EU Parliament, both centrist parties were generally in favor of “flexibity” and “reform” of labor markets, despite talk of the contrary. But if Merkel were unseated, and if the French election were uncomfortably close, unpleasant as that may be, then the representatives of the neoliberal orthodoxy may themselves become motivated to do something different. Hopefully not make concessions to the right. It is a situation to keep an eye on, even from here in the US.


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