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Sunday reading, variety-pak

March 12, 2017

Passion for school not correlated to academic success. [Jihyun Lee / Aeon, 750 words] – Also includes interesting hypothesis about one place where trust or lack of trust for institutions can come from. (Students! This does not mean you should cultivate apathy, rather that many have succeeded in their studies, and likely went on to succeed in life, without necessarily being in love with the institutions which educated them.) I am curious about the reverse correlation — are educational institutions which enjoy a high degree of passion from their students, more likely to have students who are successful?

Reading Elisabeth Weber’s KILL BOXES [Richard Falk / blog, 3600 words] – Commentary includes a harsh underside to the history of US foreign relations, and how our society normalizes things we really shouldn’t. Heavy.

Co-opting the resistance. Lessons from the Tea party. [Thomas Frank / Guardian, 1900 words] – The resistance to Trump is better done by the D party of FDR, than the D party of Enron. [via NC]

Tech details about things that make WiFi slow [Jim Salter / Ars Technica, 3600 words] – Very technical but interesting and explains some things well. [via NC]


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