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US politics: WV as weather-vane for 2018?

March 7, 2017

This post has 2 articles linked. It is a prelude to a 2018-senate-race effect — D senators and governors in vulnerable states shifting markedly right? I hope this does not happen, but don’t see why it would not.

Speculatively, consider the state of WV as perhaps an extreme prototype.

With the decomissioning of its iconic industry, the blue-collar coal state had no game plan and no resources to deal with the human aftermath. Voters flip from a lifetime of voting Democrat to Republican. Brutal wipeout for the D party. Nominally Democrat Senator Manchin has led the way reaching out to Trump.

The state of WV is by no means typical of the US, but just a few repeats of the pattern in key states would be significant. Especially in light of the D party’s already tenuous ability to obstruct the R’s in the Senate.

These two articles sortof go together – The Jacobin piece a set-up for the Politico one.


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