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End-of-week rant

March 5, 2017

I’m not much for the angry-talk-show host thing, but Jimmy Dore makes an important basic point here:

I agree with him in that both the D and R parties are hopelessly disconnected from promoting the well-being of the US as a whole (nevermind ostentatious claims about global leadership or international community). When he says, like other talk show hosts, that “we need a revolution”, I do not take that to mean an aburpt halt to the system, and certainly not a violent one. I do not advocate any such thing. However, until basically all today’s leading figures retire, it’s just further and further downhill. If that is not recognized, nothing changes. Trump may be replaced by Pence, which changes what, exactly? And in 2020 we will get, instead of the Bush who wrecked Iraq, or the Clinton who wrecked Libya, a figure who used to be one of their summer interns. That is not progress in any way shape or form.

In  other news, I’m tuning out all the back and forth Trump related accusations until further notice. The act of electing an intentionally offensive figure such as him was and still is a loud screaming wake-up call to the underlying problem, which the media on both sides is doing its best to drown out – having learned little or nothing after 2016. Recall the exact way in which the national media shaped the debate leading both major parties to nominate the worst possible candidate. “He sucked all the oxygen out of the room”, say the people who own and operate the oxygen pumps. A similar sort of sucking out the oxygen is happening now. This should be a moment when the underlying deadness and vileness of the system should be faced. Instead we get tabloid news everywhere you look, Bush and Blair being rehabilitated out of desperation, etc.

Ok Rant off. On a personal level, it was actually a good week. So while the slow-motion train wreck of national politics continues, it’s time to get out there and enjoy life and not get too worked up. The next episode will in all likelyhood be in 2019 or 2020, since the Dems are too screwed at the moment to have much hope for 2018.


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