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aside: re Project Syndicate

February 26, 2017

So I’ve been happily clucking away in the peanut gallery at Project Syndicate website, since it directly addresses a lot of the talking points of the WEF/etc crowd.

In the course of doing that I’ve been harshly critical, repeatedly said unkind things about the gamut of policy makers – not out of spite but to try to stimulate reform. When you see leadership persistently bashing head against brick wall, all the while insisting the profuse bleeding from the skull is temporary – all the while claiming they just need to persist in the name of this or that noble buzzword-laden theory, harsh words are in order.

What I thought would be even more offensive- speaking out against the dysfunction of the capital system and the denial of that dysfunction- also passed.

What didn’t pass the filter (first time in years)? Calling Tony Blair and Bush a war criminal, and suggesting that they do 10 minutes of jailtime for each person dead because of them. Weird set of editorial priorities, eh?


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