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demo medley

February 16, 2017

[this post was scheduled a few days ago]

something different: a demoscene[*] medley 🙂   The second one is definitely made for at least the 720p HD.

[*] demoscene [Wiki] : An audiovisual medium, art-hacker/programmer/muzak fusion. As a computer art thing, as far as I can tell, it blossomed in the 1990’s, and is still going on today. Kindof a throwback to the pre-internet period, since a lot of BBS’s and early pirated software folks of the time adopted the 4k-or-less intro format to function as their calling card / tag etc. However the intro/demo form stands very much on its own. As a (typically male, originally very young) computer nerd dominated universe, you’ll see a lot of sci-fi themes, influence of early video games, and a *lot* of fractal and self-symmetry in the choice of effects. And for some reason, techno flavors are over-represented in the musical palette. Also as a historical note, a lot of these things originated from when contemporary PC’s were not yet powerful enough to decode mp3’s in realtime (let alone video). 

By the way, of the 3 I picked out, the first one is from the 64k category. Meaning all the data – visuals, models, music, and all the code to render it were stuffed into 64 kilobytes. For reference, a single frame of 1080p HD video is 2 megabytes uncompressed, or maybe 100k with moderately aggressive levels of jpeg compression.  I kindof find this minimalistic side fascinating[**] (same way I like chiptunes). In that vein, here’s a couple from the 4k category: 1, 2, 3.

[**]At one point I was blown away by what I think was a 60-something, less than 70 byte piece of code to generate and display a mandelbrot set [1, 2] That’s less than half a tweet.


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