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Trump’s immigration ban

January 29, 2017


I’ve been happily living with much reduced news consumption as of this week, but it seems Trump is (temporarily?) banning all entry into the US of people from the following countries, even if they have valid visas, green card etc:

iran  iraq  syria  sudan  somalia  yemen  libya

The list of countries, from what I understand, is places that some part of the US government has (not recently) determined might have a statistical likelyhood of individuals seeking revenge for US or us-sponsored hostilities. It was pointed out that saudi arabia is not on the list, by the way.

This kind of ultra crude and simplistic discrimination by national origin represents literally everything that was wrong with the Bush era neocon’s.

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  1. davewaybe permalink

    Not absolutely correct. This is a revision of a law introduced by Obama firstly, and additionally the countries were named by Obama first. It is a terrorist precaution and not a Muslim one as there are at least 40 Muslim countries exempt from this ban. More info here:
    But it is worth bearing in mind, 9/11 probably would not have occurred had this particular ban been in place.

    • I realize it’s not a muslim ban without pakistan or india or indonesia etc – that’s why I said national origin 🙂
      However it is very much up the alley of post 9/11 hysteria, which was very much about a combination of blind ignorance and xenophonia. This made things worse, and this policy is going back there…

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