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Everyday Authoritarianism [Tom Pepinsky / blog]

January 18, 2017

Professor of Government at Cornell uses Malaysia as an example, to paint a picture of a contemporary authoritarian democracy (for lack of a better term… what is described is neither stereotypically authoritarian nor a pluralistic democracy).

[via Juan Cole]

Personally, I think the US has been transforming into such a state since the Patriot act under Pres. Bush, with little or no effort to reverse or resist the transformation under Pres. Obama, and an incoming president who gives every expectation of accelerating the transformation. I agree that there should be widespread awareness of this, and it should be countered. I agree that running around like chickens with heads cut off is deeply counterproductive from any point of view, except to enable further entrenchment of police state tendencies. Interesting article and comments.


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