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French law: “right-to-disconnect” from work email at home [Amy Wang / WAPO]

January 1, 2017


I’m fortunate now to work for a small shop with great owners, but I put in enough time in a cube farm that I want to comment on this.

Lot of workplaces fall into this pattern of emailing after hours, and it often starts out of politeness. Only over time does it transition into an expectation, which is when it gets very annoying.

There’s a simple solution without being rude about it. If you feel like reading emails at home and composing replies, do it, but do not send them until 9am the following day. That gives you the chance to catch up if you need, but does not trap others in the after-hours cycle.

A faster pace of communications or decision making rarely gets you better decisions.

(see also: politics-by-Twitter )


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