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musical interlude CLXXXVII

December 28, 2016

Car ride (again), night time ez flow, thank you PA for raising the speed limit! This interlude is a bit of a fail, the above vid was to be the chiptune bonus (in this case, chiptune-cover. original from a great old SNES game).

The main track was to be this jazz instrumental of Jimmy Cliff’s  The Harder They Come / The Harder They Fall. Came on the radio somewhere in PA or NJ. But unfortunately, I can’t find that particular track on youtube for the life of me. Ugh. The song is a standard for reggae as well as ska and deadhead influenced bands … here are some other covers that seemed cool.

stringband –
jerry garcia band feat b fleck –
joe jackson –
wacky version –

also it seems youtube is starting to (try to) charge for the original-album cuts it’s been
diligently compiling and uploading over the last few years… boo.


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