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Trump Cabinet

December 22, 2016

Get ready for a master class in the fine art of bait-and-switch.

The Trump Cabinet [Fox News]

Major observations.

  1. Quite a few retired generals. What’s an isolationist going to do with all that expertise? Nothing. This has potential to be the bait-and-switch which concerns me the most 😦
  2. Quite a few CEO’s as well, from industries with distinctly old-fashioned modes of labor relations. This bait-and-switch, we saw coming from many months away. Prediction: Trump will “fix” NAFTA with much fanfare, but actually, it will just be more of the same. Also look out for the TISA (trade in services agreement)… which among other things is all about setting up a treaty framework, superseding national laws, which favors privatizing various public services and makes it really hard for countries to reverse privatizations that don’t work. The flavor of Republicans who are in Trump’s cabinet are all about the privatization. Think of it as legalized looting. Classic neoliberal stuff, in contrast to the swamp draining that was promised.
  3. Linda McMahon. At least the next 4 years will be entertaining. Some tables-and-chairs action with Trump vs Xi Jingpin would be cool. Ban Ki Moon as honorary referee. Maybe a tag-team with Saudi Crown Prince bin Nayef and Vladimir Putin, vs Shinzo Abe and Narenda Modi. Also, Merkel vs Le Pen for the ladies’ championship (Theresa May reffing). Undercard to get things started: Ali Khamenei vs Justin Trudeau.

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