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re: Jill Stein, recount

November 30, 2016

Stein is getting lots of heat for the recount. Why? If the elections went down without flaws, the recount would help legitimize it.

It’s easy to see why Team Trump opposes it, but why did the Democrat party not support it? Why would independents from any corner oppose it? I have a feeling there’ a chance that a true manual recount (if even possible) would reveal manipulation by both D’s and R’s, but of course we’ll never know, because a full audit isn’t in the cards.

As an engineer/computer guy, it is a mystery to me why we even have purely electronic voting machines. For anything even remotely important, you must have a paper trail. Buy a car or a house without a receipt? Don’t think so. And anonymity isn’t the answer. With modern cryptography, we have the technology to make anonymous receipts for counting purposes that don’t reaveal how a particular person voted.

Here’s a perspective on the recount [black agenda report]. Fake news, mind you.

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