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November 12, 2016

Rolling Stone’s Greg Palast in an unusually slickly produced piece (for Democracy Now) on, yes, voter fraud. 2 topics here. First is that Ohio (and perhaps other states) intentionally disabled the security and audit features in their voting machines. Second is a multi-state program called “Crosscheck”, which purges alleged double-voters, based solely on first and last names (e.g., Miguel ____ Rodriguez, Ricky ___ Bobby) etc..  Hm. Perhaps that NYT results-estimating calculator on election night worked a little too well? Link with video.

Next, on a less conspiracy type note, Glen Greenwald also on democracy now, re: bernie, primaries, in hindsight. Video.

[both stories via stop making sense]

Oh and this: November 6th “What If” poll [Huffpo]: Sanders 56 – Trump 44. Daaang. [via TYT (video)]



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