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NYT projection has Trump winning? [updated]

November 9, 2016

10:25pm (eastern)

Scratch the question mark from the title.

Just watched the TYT people live, as they processed the fact that Trump is going to win. I just heard them endorse Clinton a week or two ago… they looked despondent for about 3 minutes, somber for another 10, then got moving right along to the told-you-so’s (which they are entitled to I’d say, but they’re going to have to eat it a little for their endorsement). Interesting display.

9:59pm (eastern)

zooming in on NC, Clinton still has about +100k votes each near Charlotte and Greensboro that haven’t been counted yet. With Trump ahead by 100k in the state, she may yet get this back. Nope, Trump also has a similar sized blob of votes in Davidson County. (scratched this paragraph 10:23pm)

I must say, the NYT website is excellent this year on the analytic tools it has provided and the fairly smart way it auto-counts as the night goes on.

Also, Clinton just fell behind in WI. These early numbers are deceptive!

9:49pm (eastern)

NYT has Trump ahead in electoral college, by a small state or so.

Per NYT’s math, the weak links for Trump are MI and AZ. For Clinton, weak link is PA. (the three of those being near-tossups at this point).

NYT projection saying Trump close to having NC in the bag, (VA goes to Clinton, I agree)


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