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nightly pre-election blog II

November 2, 2016

Disclaimer: Screw’em both. Or to be more precise, you’re screwed either way, just in different ways. Next time pick better nominees.

Busy day for me, going to start a little early.

POLLS – Trump gains slowly, Clinton still ahead, with lead in low single digits nationally. State-wise, Trump gains notably in FL, NC is to be Clinton’s bulwark. Look for weekend effect to show on Thursday. Predictit has 70-35 (sum>100 b/c the juice)

PREDICTIONS – my somewhat facetious Tuesday predictions (Comey and AG Lynch Resign, silence from FBI going forward, Wikileaks bombshell) were dramatically shot.

FBI STRIKES BACK – FOIA release of Clinton Foundation investigation from back in the day, having to do with Pres. Mr. Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich. (Fascinating bio [wiki]). Also, the usual news dumpsters claim more leaks of other Clinton Foundation investigations.

WIKILEAKS – Nothing huge on my radar, but I didn’t seek it out today. In an item actually a couple days old, ZH, Breitbart etc report on Google & Eric Schmidt’s involvement in the Clinton Campaign, which is hardly shocking, but for a tech detail that is not actually addressed in detail. As usual, we are limited to an out-of-context email, dressed with luxurious innuendo. I would’ve preferred it seasoned with a sense of humor… Anyway. The interesting angle in this story is the offer, by Schmidt to the Clinton campaign, of Google tech to profile individual voters. This suggests a temptation to leverage Google’s existing trove of individual data on essentially all internet users. Recall that Google Ads tracks you thru the web regardless of whether you’re logged in to anything, and as a result it knows as much about most people as any family members. I really really really hope Schmidt didn’t take it there.

MEDIA TONE – Judging solely from headlines, WAPO has dialed it down half a notch, using more of a neutral-observer voice, in contrast to yesterday’s vocal anti-Comey stance.

Ok Peace

Be Kind Rewind!

Jill Stein 2016!


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