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Reminder about Trump

November 1, 2016

I’ve been going very easy on Trump, for the simple reason that Clinton was ahead. Well he’s catching up with momentum taking him into the final week, so we’re overdue for a reminder.

If Clinton loses, the US avoids the more effective evil, a deeply corrupt warmonger who doesn’t hesitate to send thousands of people in other countries to their graves in proxy wars with dodgy allies.

But this is the two-party trap, remember?

If Clinton loses and Trump wins, we will still be stuck with the more offensive evil, Trump, who would in all likelyhood be just as corrupt (if he were connected enough) and more importantly, someone who doesn’t hesitate to regularly appeal to racist innuendo to score political points, and sometimes totally directly overt as with the way he criticized Jeb Bush via Mrs. Jeb being from Mexico. (This pretty much finished all discussion of him as far as I was concerned).

Take a listen to today’s Democracy Now episode.

Trump v. Clinton is a worthless choice. I hope voters are able to generalize from this and put some priority on escaping the D/R duopoly going forward.

Jill Stein 2016!


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