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Weiner probe: 650,000 emails

October 30, 2016

Oh wow. Clinton may be in big trouble.

[update] now with warrant to examine emails for investigation(s?) besides Weiner .

[update] something I’m surprised hasn’t been brought up – the 650,000 figure may be as big as it is because of Weiner’s email stream he would get as a Congressman between 1999 and 2011. Over 12 years its ~270 per workday, which is a level busy executives see, if not actually read. Also included may be email from public, but thats prob. less. (700k people in district, maybe 2% write to their congressmen once a year so 14k for 12 years = 168k) Also maybe staff.

To add to that confusion, being married to Clinton’s closest aide adds a genuine personal reason for ongoing communication between Abedin, Clinton, and Weiner – imagine Clinton has Abedin over for dinner once in a while. Why not bring the spouse every now and then? Then again maybe it’s not that innocent. Wasn’t Abedin involved in the chain of management overseeing deletion of selected Clinton emails? Could that cleaning process also involve stuff at home that she may have asked Weiner about over email? Was the sorting process done at her house? No point in guessing from here.

Jill Stein 2016!



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