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Leaks: Obama administration staffing guided by banks who were to receive bailouts

October 11, 2016


Look like there’s going to be a lot of this in the coming week or two as the election goes into the home stretch. Hard to keep up but vitally important. As the article says, these leaks (if true) provide us a window into how our government really functions.

Real transparency can be scary but if you can’t handle knowing how the sausage is made, maybe you shouldn’t eat it, eh?

Note also that the main email in the article linked above features the person of Michael Froman, whose personal relationship with Podesta (the victim of the leaks) facilitated the contact between CitiBank and the Obama administration as it was filling out its staff. A quick look at wiki shows that Froman went from Clinton I’s treasury dept., to Citibank, then back to the white house under Obama. A revolving-door pattern which is entirely typical, but yet something whose deep side effects continue to surprise. And please note especially that Froman is now the US Trade representative, responsible for negotiation the TPP! You can guess who’s interests are being represented in that negotiation. You can also guess how much Clinton II’s word on opposing the TPP is going to be worth.

Lastly, this could all be fabricated, I suppose. But strangely there haven’t been any denials.

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